There have been a couple of releases this year which piqued my general angst at the lack of a live scene – but nothing quite like what 4am’s newest EP, Tides, has triggered. This is an explosive, energy-fuelled multi-genre exploration which just begs for the live stage. 

But for now, take a gander at Apple Music and indulge your ears. Clocking in at just shy of 20 minutes, 4am bolts through the six tracks which make up the EP. “We Are Coming Home” kicks things off with rollicking fervour – African-esque percussion and baritone choral backdrops explode into an uplifting anthem. 

“Our People” follows suit as an energy-fuelled ode to the homeland, replete in brass textures and rhythm rooted sound. This is an EP which hits home on every level while still somehow never breaking any moulds. That is to say, they’ve perfected an indie-ska trajectory which is, in itself, a throwback to about ten years ago, and yet still delightfully current for us nostalgic few. 

“Sweet Sincero” channels a snappy guitar line, “Nightmare” throws an unexpected dose of indie rock into the mix, while “The War” brings in a heady percussive rhythm to drive it forward. Then, wrapping things up on a high note – as if the entire EP hadn’t been a riveting party already – “The Hangover” is an ode to the raucous shenanigans of the night before – complete with riffage bred to move. 

Give these guys a stage, for the love of live music.

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