A 22-year-old college student seriously injured in Houston Crushing fans at the Astroworld Festival A family lawyer who died in Houston said Thursday, bringing the death toll to nine.

Barti Shahani, who was scheduled to graduate from Texas A & M University in the spring, died Wednesday night, lawyer James Rashiter said at a news conference.All concert attendees who died after the show on Friday night Between 14 and 27 years oldEmphasizes how the tragedy unfolded in an almost young crowd.


According to the family, the 9-year-old boy, who was injured at the 50,000 sold-out festival, remained in a medically-induced coma.

“She wanted to have fun for the first time in her life, which she took from her,” said her sister Namratha Shahani, who attended the concert with Barti and her cousin.

Namurata Shahani said her sister’s last word was “Are you okay?”

Concert attendees say crowded crowds have long been in danger Headliner Travis Scott Appear on stage and watch people fall while the rapper is playing. Scott’s lawyer says he didn’t know about the casualties until the end of the show.

On Thursday, Scott’s representative said in a statement that he was distraught, contacting affected families, sharing condolences and trying to help them.

Hundreds of people were injured in the intensifying surge. Criminal investigation Ongoing to death at Astroworld.Thursday was the last day the lawyer submitted More than 50 proceedings so far Access was granted to the NRG Park concert hall, where the stage played by Scott and the barricades of the surrounding crowd remained standing.

John Duff, whose clients include a family of a nine-year-old boy in the hospital, said concert attendees in the right section of the stage had to go through thousands of people to access the main medical tent. Said that. He said the festival venue was still littered with bloody clothes, shoes, cell phone cases and bags.

“There were probably 1,000 pairs of shoes there. Many seem to have left barefoot or undressed,” he said. “You felt a heavy presence there.”

Scott was only a few minutes on his set When at least one Houston police officer wirelessly communicated over a police channel that the main stage had been compromised by a massive crowd surge.

Police radio traffic recording, Obtained by Houston ChronicleReveals how quickly law enforcement noticed the increased risk of crowds of concert attendees Immediately after the star rapper started playing at a sold-out music festival, About 50,000 people participated.

Scott took the stage in his hometown of Houston after 9 pm.

According to a voice obtained by the newspaper, an official said on police radio at around 9:21 pm, “It seems that he is coming out of the crowd complaining of dyspnea and crushing injuries.” “The crowd seems to be oppressing itself.”

Scott continued to run his set, which lasted about an hour. Newspapers reported that police found people leaving the crowd, but their voices remained calm throughout the first 30 minutes.

“I’m in a medical tent.” One officer said on the radio around 9:30 pm, “There were a lot of people trampled and they fainted on the previous stage.”

Then another officer said: There is another report on cardiac status by CPR at each stage. “

Houston Police Chief Troy Finaler said at a press conference Wednesday that police had told the organizers to stop the performance when crowd fans were enacted in CPR. Officials said the concert was closing at around 10:03 pm, but witnesses said superstar rappers Scott and Drake, who came as special guests at the end of Scott’s set, continued to play.

Finner repeatedly refused to provide the timeline, saying the case was still under investigation.

He said more than 500 executives are engaged in the festival, more than double the number allocated in 2019, when the festival was last held.

However, Finner said the festival organizers did not provide a clear record of the number of private security guards working on the show and described what they handed over as “just bad.” Stated. According to Finale, it was up to the show’s promoter, Live Nation Entertainment, to secure two mosh pits before the stage.

Scott’s lawyer pointed out Wednesday Operation plan For events that state that only the festival director and executive producer have the authority to stop the show, “neither is part of the Travis crew.”

Attorney Edwin F. McPherson said in a statement, “The investigation will begin to point at us so that we can pinpoint what happened together and how to prevent this from happening again. Should be done. “

A Texas A & M student was injured at Astroworld. 9 o’clock deaths | Entertainment

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