In Montgomery County, 13,047 of the 44,992 single mothers had been unemployed all through 2020.

In the case of Back County, 9,136 out of 31,504 single mothers.


In Pennsylvania, the place there have been a complete of 300,868 single mothers in 2020, 87,000 had been unemployed yearly.

These are a few of the statistics that Along the Way cites in demonstrating the want for that service.

“If a single mother isn’t raising children, she can’t work and never get out of poverty,” mentioned Christina Valdes, managing director.

She mentioned little one care is the largest month-to-month price of a household’s finances and much more costly than housing, and as well as, most little one care amenities usually are not open at night or on weekends.

Headquartered in the Sodaton space, she mentioned, Along the Way gives free childcare to single mothers working on second or third shifts or weekends. It’s presently in Bucks County and Montgomery County, however she mentioned she plans to begin one other chapter in Monroe County, Poconos. There are additionally plans to associate with employers to enhance the quantity of people that obtain companies to subsidize prices as worker advantages.

“The United States loses $ 57 billion annually in childcare issues, so our proposal is to subsidize childcare instead of paying for these costs to improve employee loyalty and retention. We’re raising it, “says Valdez.

In addition to providing child care when other child care centers are not open, Along the Way does so by sending a well-scrutinized and qualified caregiver to the mother’s home.

“They do their homework with their children, cook dinner, and put them to sleep,” she mentioned. It permits youngsters to keep in a well-recognized atmosphere and stabilize, she mentioned.

Currently, free childcare is on the market to single mothers whose earnings is beneath 200 p.c of federal poverty ranges, she mentioned. However, she mentioned, as the group strikes to new funding strategies, adjustments could also be made to qualify others. This consists of servicing high-income individuals who could pay a proportionate quantity of their earnings.

Currently, cash comes from donations and financing.

“We don’t have a physical store to monitor our children, so we can’t get childcare subsidies,” says Baldy’s. “We go to women’s homes because we are the best for our children, which is why we keep us away from government funding.”

Since its inception in 2016, Along the Way has served 37 folks in 13 households.

“Currently we are in a family of four and it has eight children,” she mentioned.

Employer subsidies can considerably enhance the variety of folks receiving companies, she mentioned.

“The ultimate goal of our program is to help women become financially self-sufficient and to provide them with the stability they really need,” mentioned Valdes. enhance.

Along the method, she mentioned she had simply been accepted as a member company for the Backcounty United Way.

“What we are doing is very innovative, literally life-changing for the people we serve, and no one else is doing it, so we want to serve our services. We need more partners to come with us, “Valdes said.

Providing child care is Along the Way’s main focus, but also with service providers for clients to receive discounted car maintenance and other services such as legal counseling, career counseling, employment referrals, mentorship and parenting programs. We are affiliated.

Weisong Tang, an MBA from Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, a volunteer at Along the Way, and now one of a group of internships, said he is helping with marketing and management.

“Who hates that mission when they know that someone is helping single mothers and children for free,” she mentioned. “The more people hear about Along the Way, the more they want to help.”

Information about Along the Way is on the market at or by calling 484-306-3374.

Along the Way aims to expand free home care for single mothers working at night or on weekends

Source hyperlink Along the Way aims to expand free home care for single mothers working at night or on weekends

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