Amy Winehouse’s finest friend recalled having a “massive argument” with the proficient however troubled singer simply days before her untimely death practically 10 years in the past.

Tyler James, who met Winehouse when he was 13, mentioned in a brand new interview that he would get so fed up with the Grammy winner’s ingesting that he would often storm out of the London residence they shared within the last years of her life.

“Whenever she relapsed, I’d leave because I was worried she would think I was supporting that. So I’d leave, and within two or three days, she would say, ‘Tyler, come home,’ and I would come back,” he said on the UK’s “This Morning” on Wednesday.

When James left at some point in July 2010, nonetheless, he had no concept that he would by no means see Winehouse alive once more.

“I had a massive argument with her because there were letters from the doctor saying if she drank any more, she’d die,” he mentioned, noting that the “Rehab” singer “didn’t touch drugs,” solely alcohol, through the “last three years” of her life.

Tyler James and Amy Winehouse in London in March 2008.
James met Winehouse (seen right here in 2008) when he was 13.

Once James returned to their residence, he noticed an ambulance parked outdoors and a paramedic within the hallway. Winehouse had been discovered lifeless in her mattress. She was solely 27 years previous, and the reason for death was determined to be alcohol poisoning.

“It was like a film premiere out there,” the “My Amy: The Life We Shared” writer recalled to London’s The Times on Friday of the media circus outdoors his and Winehouse’s residence after the information of her death broke.

Amy Winehouse performs at the 2007 MTV Europe Music Awards.
The “Rehab” singer (seen right here in 2007) died in 2010 from alcohol poisoning.
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James, who described himself as “the only friend [Winehouse] had left by then,” went on to notice that he nonetheless has not recovered from the grief that got here with her death.

“Amy was my soulmate,” he mentioned. “We were two halves of the same person. I never envisaged life without her. She was my best friend.”

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