Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina Dhowre Elba had an “inseparable” relationship after their first encounter.

The “Dark Tower” star was engaged in February 2018 and met his wife at the “Jazz Bar” before getting married in Marrakech, Morocco in April 2019.

And Sabrina now said they quickly became “indivisible” because they did it so well during the first meeting.

She said: “We met at a jazz bar. I’m digging, vibrating and singing there.”

Sabrina revealed that Idris first caught the eye of Sabrina’s companion, who was celebrating her birthday, and that its beauty actually approached him on behalf of her friend.

“No, I’m sorry. I want to be a good friend. I had a great conversation. I talked all night the next day. After that, I had an inseparable relationship.”

And Sabrina also revealed that their relationship is easy to navigate, especially since her family “loves” Idris.

She explained: “Marriage is a thing. It happens soon. There are many religious and cultural aspects that impose marriage on you faster. [but] Idris was Idris, so my family said, “OK, awesome! Do your thing and take your time.”

“In fact, my mother and Idris are really close. She loves him a little,” he said.

In the end, Sabrina and the “Luther” star are “doing very well.”

Beauty said: I and Idris are very close. Our values ​​are connected, have the same interests, and have the same comedy sense. We have so many things. “

The couple recently launched their own “Couple Dam” podcast. Sabrina states in her six-episode interview series that she has decided to explore “a beautiful journey through new relationships.”

E! Regarding the “Just The Sip” podcast, she said: “We are newlyweds. We want to learn and grow like everyone else, but we want to do it in a space we can own. I know. What I have at home is great. Beautiful and beautiful, it’s something I cherish and care for. It doesn’t necessarily have to be spoken or spoken by others. “

As soon as Idris Elba and his wife met, they were in an “inseparable” state.Celebrity

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