Asher “enjoys” the “baby boom” of him and his girlfriend Jen Goikoecha.

The “love of this club” singer, son of Usher V (13) and Naviid (12), with ex-wife Tameka Foster and nine-month-old daughters Sovereign and Jen, brings her fourth child to the world. I will welcome you. His second with his current partner, and Asher, squirted that he was very in love with his chick.

He told “Good Morning America”: “I’m definitely enjoying this little baby boom of us.

“This new addition to the family is just exciting.”

The 42-year-old star also said he wanted his descendants to be more engrossed in his songs.

He laughed. “I hope the kids will listen to my music more.

“My second son, Naviid, is actually the one who listens to my music above all else. Asher, he doesn’t care. Sovereign, she likes me to sing to her.”

Meanwhile, Grammy winners recently praised his baby girl for bringing happiness to his life during difficult times.

He states: “This year was a really tough year. She was a really silver lining for our family. I’m really happy to celebrate my life. It was a very tough time. My family had a family. Lost. We are really happy about it so that we can celebrate the arrival of the sovereign. “

Asher’s sons are “well coping” with their sister and “excited” about being an older brother.

But he admits:

But the hit maker of “My Boo” was thrilled to have a much younger kid because his sons didn’t think he was cool.

He states: [Sovereign’s] Now eyes. “

Asher enjoys the “baby boom” of him and Jen Goikoecha.Celebrity

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