Banaba’Des Get Real On How Fame Affected Their Love Lives


Banaba’Des Get Real On How Fame Affected Their Love Lives. Amapiano female duo Banaba’Des (Unkle Blue and Miss Pammie) recently blew to fame with one of their biggest feature on ‘Phone Yam’ and ever since, they have been on Mzansi’s TV screens. While their contribution to Alfa Kat’s “Yebo Malume” featuring Costa Titch is essentially backing vocals, they add an undeniable flavour to the song.

Speaking on how fame affected their love lives, Uncle Blue said: “Mjolo (dating) is difficult. Everyone is in the DMs. Banaba’Des just grew unexpectedly and coming into fame already in a relationship would’ve been shaky right now. Not only is my life changing, but I would’ve automatically changed my partner’s life too. I’m personally aware that there needs to be a certain level of stability within the relationship for it to have a chance at survival. And this is the opposite of what people seem to understand or want to offer truly.”

Miss Pammie on the other said the whole experience made her relationship stronger. “My relationship has gotten stronger throughout this whole experience. My partner has been very supportive through it all because when you’re a new artist, people tend to be nosey. We both decided to keep our relationship private so the audience can mostly focus on the music rather than my personal life. There have been some people who hit me up — even ex’s I haven’t heard from in years — but I don’t pay them any mind. We’re on to bigger and better — from Pitori (Pretoria) to the world,” she said.


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