Banaba’Des On What Inspired Their Stage Name


Banaba’Des On What Inspired Their Stage Name. Amapiano duo Banaba’Des composed by Unkle Blue and Miss Pammie have become one of the rising stars to look out for in 2021. They have featured in one of the biggest piano tracks titled ‘Phone Yami’. The track introduced the stars to Mzansi, and since then, they have been blessing the TV screens.

If you were wondering where the name ‘Banaba’Des’ comes from, the duo explained that it was inspired by Destiny’s Child. “To be honest, the name Banaba’Des was inspired by Destiny’s Child. We tried to translate it to Banaba Destiny (meaning Destiny’s Children in Setswana) until we settled for Banaba’Des, which made perfect sense. It fit snuggly with the fact that the term Des’e (which means to be good at something) originates from Pretoria, and we’re both from the city. We both understand its core meaning,” they explained.

‘Phone Yam’ led to #Tililichallenge which saw many public figures participating in it. “Even though “Phone Yam” debuted during a challenging time for artists, we can say that in a weird way that added to its success because everyone was living on social media and that helped the song gain some traction. Seeing stars like Somizi, Zodwa Wabantu and Ndu from BlaqDiamond to school kids all participating in the#TililiChallenge on social media platforms really made a huge difference and it helped the song gain traction organically. It showed that the love was genuine love. That was a big moment for us! P.S. Funnily, we both got robbed of our phones, at different times, a week after the song’s release,” they said.


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