Bill Skarsgård plays a “fun role” in “John Wick: Chapter 4”.

The 30-year-old actor will be starring in the next movie of the action franchise, starring Keanu Reeves, and is pleased to be part of the “Interesting” series.

Regarding the website Collider, he said: “I find the movie very interesting. I’ve always been a fan of such over-the-top exploitative action movies.”

The star of “it” continued: “Chad (Stahelski) contacted me, I met him several times, and I really liked him. It was a really fun role. But it was a fun role and a fun world.

“I like movies. They find it interesting, and that’s something I’ve never actually done before. Whatever it is, it’s always something that inspires me.

“It’s like a project or genre, or something I haven’t done yet. Give it a try and have fun within the constraints of these genres.” So I’m really looking forward to it. “

Bill promised that his character in the film was “something different” and fit his purpose of becoming a versatile performer.

He explained: “We want to make it as versatile as possible, even across genres and playing these very different characters.

“I’ve just completed a horror movie, but the horror genre feels like I’ve done a lot. I want to do comedy and I want to take action. As much as possible.

“And that’s the key to the longevity of this business, and I think you can have a fun career like” I can do a lot of things. ” Therefore, you are not limited to this box. time. “

Bill Skarsgård hints at the “fun” part of John Wick.movies

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