Black Twitter Reacts To YouTuber Who Says Nasty C Has Failed Durban. Lately there have been some YouTubers and Entertainment commentators who are quite outspoken with their opinions. Rea Gopane was one of Twitter’s trending topics after he made claims that Bonang introduced AKA to cocaine. Since Bonang served the podcaster with Lawyer letters, some have become more careful about what they say about our local celebs.

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YouTuber Slik Talk constantly catches the attention of South Africans with his various opinions on different trending topics in the country. Clips of his YouTube videos often go viral and black twitter never lets a moment pass to criticize him. In his most recent YouTube video he criticizes Nasty C‘s new single Best I Ever Had.

In the clip he says doesn’t see the results of Nasty C‘s success and compared Nasty C’s recap video to A-Reece’s The 5 Year Plan music video saying that A-Reece dropped a 4 minute movie. In the clip he says, “Niggas are telling me about Atlanta and LA. Going to all the hot spots, taking pictures like a f*cking groupie, like a f*cking fan, like a f*cking paparazzi. You look corny bro! You look disgusting!

Slik Talk continued to say that the rapper has failed Durban and said that people in Durban are bums and continued to reiterate that the rapper has failed.

Fans had mixed reactions to the YouTuber’s comments, one highlighting all of Nasty C’s achievements.

Nasty C has failed with a 120M+ , double platinum selling album , the most streamed rapper in Africa? 650k monthly listeners? 700k YT subscribers ? Broke the record in SA of a million views in 4 days? 5 singles of ZMWSP with more than 1M streams (spotify) ? We can go on. He’s mad“.

Another fan mentioned that they doesn’t necessarily agree with everything Slik Talk said but said that in their own opinion, Nasty C isn’t doing much at the top.

This is how other tweeps reacted to Slik Talk’s statements. One tweep mentioned that he should get the same treatment as podcaster Rea Gopane.

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