Blxckie Shares A Message He Sent To Tshego On Facebook Back In 2016. Rapper Blxckie, in 2016, sent fellow rapper, Tshego a message on Facebook and little did he know that five years later, their paths would cross. Taking to Twitter, Blxckie shared a screenshot of a Facebook message, he sent to Tshego, where he told him that he thinks he is the future. Tshego responded to Blxckie with a simple “thanks fam”. The message was sent when Blxckie had just started making music and now year’s later he is one of the country’s hottest rappers.

A clear testament that, the universe is always listening, not only is Blxckie hot property, he also has landed a feature with the man, he once called “the future”. Tshego last week dropped his EP, 3 Piece which features Blxckie on the track called ‘New’, the track also features Flvme. This just shows the importance of not giving up on your dreams as you never know what the future holds in store for you.

Blxckie, since moving to Johannesburg has dropped his debut album, B4Now, which has shown hip hop critics exactly how talented the young rapper is and solidified his place in the game. OG rappers are even noticing the new kid on the block, Riky Rick recently shared that he wanted Blxckie to do the adlibs on his album. “I dont want a feature, I just want you to do adlibs on my album bruh,” commented Riky Rick on Blxckie’s Instagram post. Riky is not the artist giving Blxckie his credit, Major League DJz have shared the props for the rapper, even calling him the “best”. “BLXCKIE IS THE BEST IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM GO AGURE WITH YOUR TOES .🚫🧢,” tweeted the twin DJs.

Not only are the who’s who of the hip hop game noticing the young rapper, but he is also been noticed by platforms such as Apple Music, which recently announced him as the star of its Africa Rising campaign, allowing him to reach a much broader audience. Fans are also here for Blxckie’s music and his numbers on streaming platform Spotify are pretty impressive, the rapper has 121 939 monthly listeners and his track Ye x4 which features Nasty C has been streamed 702 569 times.


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