Camille Lazat found a filming of “Emily in Paris” in the “strange” experience of a coronavirus pandemic.

The 27-year-old actress starred in Season 2 of the Netflix show, centered on Chicago marketing executives migrating to the French capital, admitting that filming the series was a challenge for the cast and crew.

She states: “We are a French-American co-production, so we have to obey both governments when it comes to COVID.

“It’s really tough, but it’s good. Of course, I’m lucky to be able to shoot. I’m lucky even if there are many restrictions.”

Camille starred in the series with Lily Collins, and she promised fans that the new season would be even better than the first.

She told people: “It’s going to be a roller coaster. It’s a lot more complicated. There’s a much more emotional scene.

“My personality is even more important. I think Season 2 is actually better than Season 1.”

Camille plays Emily Crash’s girlfriend Parisian at the show, and the actress thinks fans love her character because she’s “not complicated”.

Camille explains: “If you think of Parisians as Americans, my character is very Parisian style.

“That’s why I think people love this character so much. She looks simple, humble, carries friends, is protective, funny and uncomplicated.”

Meanwhile, Lily has previously revealed that she has jumped at the chance to play a famous character on a Netflix show.

She says: “I tend to go to topics that are a bit dark, emotional, and difficult to talk about in my role. I was anxious for some kind of lightness, some kind of romantic comedy.”

Camille Lazat admits that Emily’s filming in Paris was “strange.”Celebrity

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