Carrie Underwood has accidentally killed a “little bird” during the tour, revealed by friend Constantine Maroulis.

The two singers have been friends since Carrie’s victory in the 2005 “American Idol” series.

Now, “Rock of Ages” theater star Constantine shares his story about the traumatic incident of animal lover Carrie, 38, crushing a bird while walking outside the hotel. Did.

The 45-year-old actor admits that she was “hysterical” after the accident because of her vegetarian principles.

Constantine wrote in the “Behind the Velvet Rope with David Youngtev” podcast, “I’ve always had a great time in Minneapolis, generally Twin Cities. St. Paul is cool. In fact, there’s something interesting happening there. Well … it scares me. She would be very angry

If I say this because she is such an animal lover and it broke her mind.

“We were playing St. Paul on the” American Idol “tour. We are staying at this luxurious hotel. I forgot the name, but I know a crazy five-star. We are walking in front. Carrie Underwood and I, and it’s one of the red carpets with flashy doormen, and I like brass luggage racks. It’s a gorgeous summer day and we’re walking the bag to go soundcheck or something. Did a little bird come like a pike? She was chatting with Carrie as we were walking, and when the little bird came and landed, she stepped on it the moment she landed. .. Oh my God. ‘

“It was the weirdest thing that ever happened because she only stepped on it when the bird landed. She’s hysterical and vegetarian. It just happened …” “

Constantine recalls that the hotel doorman had to intervene to protect Carrie and the other guests from the horrifying sight of the crushed birds outside the entrance.

He added: “I remember the doorman was like’Hmm’. After that, the bird got so well that he just put the luggage rack right above the bird.

“She will kill me for telling that story!”

Carrie Underwood left hysteria after accidentally killing a bird | Entertainment News

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