Singer-songwriter Casper Stone’s debut EP Raw Reflections is a multi-faceted journey through his mind.

It’s packed with heavy lyricism, following encounters of love and loss, as well as a running social commentary on present-day problems like social media addiction, such that Stone has little left to bare after his five-track meditation is over.  

Previously a member of afro-soul duo Stones and Bones, Stone found major success over the course of 2020 with the duo’s In The Name Of Love EP, which featured prominently on radio stations across the country. 

Fast forward a year and his first solo venture feels aptly separate from the house inspired rhythm of Stones and Bones. Instead, Raw Reflections is gentle, multi-instrumental, even jazzy at times, with whiffs of elegant saxophone, and timid vocals that show a deeply introspective side to Stone’s musical persona.

But it’s easy to mistake his vulnerability for overly-romanticised sentiment. Tracks like “Mis Jou Nie” and opener “Freak” are a little soppy, to put it bluntly, lacking a distinct edge to elevate their sound past your average love song. 

Still at other times his passion is clearly genuine, radiating an indie-folk quality of sound that’s best displayed on “100 Years”. With his painfully honest lyrics, simple melodies and dreamily poetic voice, Stone’s heartfelt nature is firmly believable, and dreamily authentic.

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