Cassper On Why Some Of The Details Surrounding The R100M Deal Remain Confidential. Cassper shook the South African leisure trade when he introduced a R100M cope with Drip Footwear’s CEO and Founder Lekau Sehoana. The rapper beforehand talked about that he had been engaged on a deal that might lead him to turn out to be SA Hip Hop’s first Billionaire and it seems like he’s nicely on his means.

Cassper just lately joined DJ Jawz on his After Chillas Podcast to talk extra in regards to the R100M deal. DJ Jawz congratulated the rapper and Cassper talked about that he’ll all the time take his name as a result of the DJ was one of many first individuals to play his music within the trade.

DJ Jawz requested Cassper to clarify what precisely the R100M deal entails asking if Cassper purchased into Drip Footwear and or if already has R100M to his identify. Cassper additionally defined why the finer particulars of the deal will stay confidential to him and Lekau.

So mainly I’m in enterprise with Drip. We began speaking a very long time in the past a few shoe, after which we developed a crack into larger than a shoe and greater than music. And we began mainly a complete new entity between Family Tree and Drip. And the deal we’re embarking on is price R100 Million. The motive why we talked about the quantity is as a result of we all the time shrink back from the numbers.

In the meeting that we had we said, why don’t we own the numbers. Why should we be shy of saying how much the deal is worth. And me being myself, I said the number and I confirmed the number. I mean Lekau is a different guy he likes to be low key. He’s all about the business only. So I can confirm the number.”

The particulars of the deal is partly confidential due to him. I can’t inform his story, however the deal is definetly price that a lot.

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