Cassper Shades SA Hip Hop Whilst Explaining If He Will Return To The Genre


Cassper Shades SA Hip Hop Whilst Explaining If He Will Return To The Genre. Cassper Nyovest is riding the amapiano wave hard and it has some of his fans wondering if he is done with Hip Hop music. The award-winning rapper recently released his sixth studio album Sweet and Short 2.0. The 10-track album sees the rapper exploring the amapiano genre.

Since joining the Yanos wave, Cassper has been successful with his music top the charts, his latest single ‘Siyathandana’ is currently number two on the SA Radio Monitor chart. The song even earned the rapper, his first number 1 hit on radio, something which he never achieved as a hip hop artist before. “My first time being No.1 on South African Radio!!! Shout out to Boohle, Abidoza and Alie Keyz. We got 1!! #Siyathandana #SweetAndShort2,” tweeted the rapper at the time. Not only is ‘Siyathandana’ topping the charts, but it is also racking up views on YouTube, the video is currently sitting on 3.5 million views.

His fans are happy that the popular rapper is releasing new music but some are wondering is the end of his rap career. A tweep asked the rapper if he was “done with Rap? Like Done”, to which he answered honestly and shared that he is not done with rap just “the stupid politics”. “Ofcos not. I’m just done with the stupid politics , needed a break to have fun with the music. Just vibe out. . SA Hip Hop seem to be doing amazing without me doe. All over the charts,” wrote the rapper. One thing for sure is that Don Billiato is having fun on the amapiano side of life, as no politics can stop a hot song. and he wants everyone to join in. “Come to piano boys!!! Its nice here!!! The music speaks for itself. If it’s hot it sells, if it’s not it doesn’t. No politics can stop a hot song. The people decide. Just make Amapiano, you’ll thank me later!!!” he tweeted.

The rapper in his response sort of threw shade at the hip hop genre because at the moment, not even one South African hip hop song features in the top 10 of the official Radiomonitor Airplay Chart. However, two hip hop tracks, one from Big Zulu ‘Umuzi ESandton’ and Tshego ft Shekhinah ‘My Favourite Song’ do feature in the Top 20 of the same chart. So where is Hip Hop all over the charts, it’s certainly not all over on the Radiomonitor Airplay Chart?


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