New York Yankees alum CC Sabathia is engaged on a marketing campaign to assist others with sobriety following his personal battle with alcohol.

The former pitcher, 41, has joined forces with, telling Page Six that it was an “easy partnership that spoke to me.”


Sabathia checked into rehab in 2015 simply as his group was on the finish of the ultimate collection of the season in Baltimore. He celebrated six years of sobriety final month.

“Recovery is an everyday struggle. It’s something we go through every day being alcohol dependent,” he advised Page Six. “But I feel like I can help people and try to steer you in the right direction [with] this website.”

Sabathia stated the web site gives academic details about alcohol dependence, together with an interactive questionnaire developed by the National Institute of Health (NIH) and designed to evaluate private ingesting patterns.

Sabathia made his MLB debut on the age of 20 after he signed a seven-year deal for $161 million with the Yankees in 2008. He admitted that he turned to alcohol to assist him deal with the stress of being an all-star pitcher.

CC Sabathia delivers a pitch for the New York Yankees against the Houston Astros at Yankee Stadium on October 17, 2019
“I feel like I can help people,” Sabathia advised Page Six.
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“It’s definitely really hard to play a professional sport,” he defined. “There’s always those stresses, but I played the game sober and I played it while I was drinking. I was much more enjoyable while I was sober.”

He added, “[I’d] enjoy my teammates, wake up early in the morning and enjoy the city that I was traveling to, but I was drinking early in my career. I’d be drinking all night, up all night and I’d wake up in just enough time to get to the bus.”

Sabathia stated that he modified his outlook drastically as soon as he left rehab.

“I never got to see all the cities that I got to play in,” he admitted. “When I came out of rehab, I made a point to enjoy every road trip and enjoy my teammates and enjoy the cities I got to travel to.”

Earlier this 12 months, Sabathia addressed his struggles with addition in his memoir, “Till The End.”

“When I think about my lowest point, I can name about one million things like ruining holidays, Christmas,” he recalled to Page Six. “But I think my lowest point was that weekend I had in Baltimore before I went to rehab. Just three days of straight drinking … I was just in a zone where I wasn’t gonna stop.”

“That’s when I went to Joe [Torre’s] office. First I went to Chris Young and Mike Matheny, and told them what I was thinking about doing and they supported me 100 percent,” he continued. “It was the first time that I told somebody that I feel like I was alcohol dependent and I couldn’t stop myself. Their reactions to me and what I was saying made me go into Joe’s office and get help.”

CC Sabathia at a press conference.
“I played the game sober and I played it while I was drinking,” the previous MLB star recalled.
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The father of 4 is now proud to say that his 21-year relationship with alcohol is “nonexistent.”

“It took me to 35 years and 21 days of drinking to understand that it is something that I can’t have in my life,” he confessed. “People around me drink all the time. Alcohol is something that’s at every celebration. It is at every occasion, it is at every sad moment.”

He added, “For me it was always an excuse to go out and drink, whether I was happy or sad … but I just got tired of feeling like crap. Waking up hungover, not remembering what I said or what I did the night before.”

Sabathia stated it’s necessary to him that others who he’s making an attempt to assist find out about his battle with alcohol, and maintain him simply as accountable as he continues sobriety.

“I want everybody to know that I’m dealing with this and I have this problem. So if you see me out in the city somewhere, or somebody see me at a bar and I’m having a drink, I can be held accountable,” he defined. “You’ll find that you’re not alone and the honest thing about telling somebody that you need help is actually telling someone you need help.”

He added, “Once you’re taking that first step there’s so many various avenues and so many various issues that you are able to do.

“I meet people every day and they tell me they’re 10 years sober, 13 years sober, 10 days sober. I’m happy when people come up and say that, it inspires me to keep going too.”

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