Chris James was “very happy” to be again on stage this week.

The “Get Back To Love” singer was “nervous” to return to stage after taking a protracted break as a result of coronavirus pandemic, however Wednesday (17.11. 21).


After a rooftop present on the Hope Street Hotel within the metropolis, Chris instructed BANG Showbiz solely. “To be honest, I was very nervous, but I was very happy to be back on stage.

“I’ve been waiting for this for three years and it felt incredible.

“It was very nice to me, like the fact that I decided to go home and return it to Liverpool.”

Chris wished the present to have a “party atmosphere”, so he began a brief set with “naive”, then moved on to “I’ll Be Here” and “One Last Picture” and slowed down with “Unhappy Anniversary”.

After the ballad, he deliberate to complete with “Get Back To Love,” however in response to the cheers of the group, he agreed to play one other music, ending the set with “9Lives.” rice area.

In his set decisions, Chris defined: “Because it’s the first track on the record and a cool party song, I wanted to start the set with’naive’. Since the release of the first album, it has created a party atmosphere.

“I put the ballad in the middle because I got a lot of great feedback about’Unhappy Anniversary’. I usually don’t like to do that, but when I play, I take people on a small musical journey. I think.”

The founding father of Amanzo thinks he’ll always remember such an “emotional” evening.

“I think everyone had a good time, but now everyone can come back and enjoy live music. It was a very happy and moving night. They took the time. I’m really grateful to everyone. No doubt. A show I’ll never forget. “

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Chris James “Very Happy” Live Return | Entertainment News

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