Chris Martin needs to play on the moon.

Coldplay frontman needs to take his band into house for an unique reside efficiency on the moon, however nobody hears it as a result of house is a silent vacuum. You can’t.

He instructed “Zack Sunshaw”: But is there an issue that nobody can hear you once you play it on the moon? I’m nervous about the ambiance.

“We try anything twice. Ridrid I don’t mind being laughed at, just tell me what I think is true. That’s what we all have to do.”

Meanwhile, Chris lately stated that Coldplay’s subsequent album was impressed by “Star Wars” after sitting to watch successful sci-fi film and questioning how music from different planets would sound. Said.

He states: And I was: “What are musicians like in the entire universe?” And that led to all this and we’re right here now. “

Coldplay recently dropped a music video for their new single “Higher Power”. This is what you see the band taking part in on the planet of Chaotica, the place “robot dogs, giant holograms, and dancing alien street gangs live”.

And Chris confirmed that the total album can be set on a fictional planet.

He added: “It led to the imagination of the whole other place called the” sphere “, like a group of planets, like the solar system with lots of different places and creatures.

“And what I found is that when you imagine such a place, you can be any artist in it.

It’s very free to get out of Coldplay and think, “OK, I’m not human, how music sounds.” “

Chris Martin: I want to play on the moon! | Music

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