[WARNING: The following contains MAJOR spoilers for Netflix’s Cowboy Bebop Season 1 Episode 9, “Blue Crow Waltz.”]

After a season of teasing and quick flashbacks, Cowboy Bebop took a break from the primary story to deal with Spike (John cho), Julia (Elena Satine), Vicious (Alex Hassell), and their interrelated historical past.Needless to say, it’s annoying — and most of it doesn’t come immediately. Bebop Canon.


It doesn’t imply that there’s nothing to get pleasure from about “Blue Crow Waltz”. In some respects, the episode is sort of higher as a result of it’s barely separated from the unique. It doesn’t look very like anime, so it has little impact on the comparability. But it suffers from the identical issues that it suffered from earlier episodes. Stilt dialogue, non-stimulating efficiency, and romance with little compatibility between leads. And lastly, a lot of the episodes are “fill in the blanks” kind of knowledge that viewers are prone to have already guessed.

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As we all know, Spike and Vicious labored collectively for syndication and noticed one another as brothers. We know that each fell to Julia, however in “Blue Crow Waltz” you’ll be able to truly see the primary moments on Julia’s stage and the awe of males. She can be a star, however her relationship with Vicious slows down the flicker. They are collectively from the start, however once more, because the viewer already is aware of, he has a darkish aspect. Julia gained’t acknowledge it till it’s too late.

Spike, however, is aware of the darkish aspect of Vicious. Both he and Vicious are negotiating with Syndicate after failing to barter with a rival gang. Spike appears to take it one step additional and assume they will get it again, however a vicious mop. His moody and erratic conduct casts a moody temper on a date with Julia, and the far more hilarious spikes that additionally exist will dance together with her. When they depart, Vicious finds one of many members of the gang and brutally beats him, leaving Julia out of it, leaving Spike. He takes her residence, and properly, the remainder is historical past.

But issues are difficult for them, as Vicious by no means permits Julia to obey her thoughts. And for Spike, the state of affairs will get worse: Syndicate desires him to kill Vicious, giving him a purpose why he has an excessive amount of accountability. If not, the boss says another person will. He believes Spike, as Vicious’s “brother”, will a minimum of make it quicker. But when the push rushes in, Spike can’t reduce via Vicious’s throat. Instead, Spike goes to the Blue Crow Club and … kills all of the rival gang members who would have had the bones to decide on with Vicious. He additionally kills a baby who witnessed the genocide.


After that, Spike and Julia agree to flee collectively. Spike forces Glen and Anna to create a brand new id for them, however within the meantime Vicious discovered in regards to the incident. He has his individuals intercept Julia earlier than she will meet Spike, and he goes to see his brother. He cursed him (not true) saying Julia selected him over Spike, and he and his males fired. Spikes fall into the water and Vicious leaves. Of course, we all know that spikes will survive, however they don’t seem to be intact.

This shouldn’t be how this occurred within the supply materials, it needs to be talked about that the comparability truly robs Julia of some establishments. Netflix’s adaptation signifies that Vicious pressured her to marry him after discovering that Vicious was fooling him with Spike. In the anime, he offers her the selection of going to see Spike, killing himself, or he killing each. Julia escaped and didn’t meet Spike, however didn’t succumb to Vicious’s request. Yes, she needed to marry him for the present’s plot to occur, however Julia’s unique story for the present to return to her the extent of company she already had. The methodology of complicating is a bit unusual. Anyway, because the ending card reminds us, all three of them “carry that weight”.

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