Derek Hough will be on stage for the show in Las Vegas later this year.

The “Dancing with the Stars” judges will perform “Derek Hough: No Limit” at the Venetian Resort Summit Showroom from September to November. This is more than a year after the COVID-19 pandemic put on hold its intended execution.

The show is “dance-centric,” but it needs to “incorporate the incredible variety of summit showrooms and, as always, all-new production elements specially designed for the presence of Derek’s magnetic stage.” ..

“Fans travel a true fusion of dance and music. Derek explores styles from ballroom dancing and taps to salsa, hip-hop, and everything in between.”

“No Limit” is intended to run between June and November 2020, before the pandemic shatters the plan, and Derek described the show as a “new adventure.”

He states: “This is a new adventure. I love playing live. Nothing is better than this. I love the relationship with the audience.

“I do salsa and latin from ballroom to contemporary to rock and roll. I want to make the whole room my stage so that I’m really in the audience and at their table. Bring it, it’s for sure. is.”

Derek, 36, adds that the show is even more important because his mother has lived in Las Vegas for 20 years.

He states: “What’s really cool is how Vegas has changed so much.

“And when it comes to entertainment, they brought great shows and talent and did a great job of really changing the environment in which Las Vegas shows. That was great.”

Derek Hough to show in Las Vegas this fall | Celebrities

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