Drip Footwear CEO Responds To Questions About The Finer Details Of His R100M Deal With Cassper. R100M is the determine that has been trending on all social media just lately after Drip Footwear CEO Lekau Sehoana and Cassper Nyovest introduced a Legacy deal price that quantity. The determine shocked most, and had varied questions on how the 2 got here to that determine.

Sol Phenduka and MacG just lately hosted Lekau Sehoana on their Podcast And Chill collection to get some extra particulars in regards to the deal after questions has risen about what precisely it means for him and Cassper. Lekau talked about that he knew the query was coming and didn’t hesitate in breaking down the R100M determine.

We actually only agreed on the morning that let us just mention the amount, cause i’m not a numbers guy. I’m just the guy in the background trying to get work done. So yeah, it’s just product, and a contract worth R100M worth of product.

If it’s a sneaker or a t-shirt that is worth R2000, we’re going to make ones that are worth R100 Million up until that particular term ends. So that is how we came to R100 Million. If one Drip is R1000, we’re going to manufacture R100 000 Drips and then that is R100 Million.

So the deal itself is worth R100 Million not to say by the end of term, Cassper would’ve made R100 Million. The deal that we signed both of us is just a R100 Million deal worth of product.

Cassper has responded to some criticisms in regards to the deal on Twitter merely writing: “They talk, we work. Then they talk about our work and guess what we gone do ? Work some more. Then they talk even more about our work and guess what we gone do ? Work even more!!!

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