Elijah Wood wants to rethink “Children of the Corn”.

The Lord of the Rings has made a number of horror movies for his Specter Vision manufacturing firm and has revealed that he wants to reboot the 1984 movie based mostly on Stephen King’s quick story.

The plot follows a pair who arrive at the deserted city of Nebraska. The city is house to a cult of murderous kids who worship the satan known as “He who walks behind the line” who lives in an area cornfield.

In the authentic adaptation, Peter Horton and Linda Hamilton starred as boyfriends and girlfriends Bert Stanton and Vicky Baxter, producing a number of sequels, the day earlier than as, a remake, however Elijah has his personal story. I would really like to interpret it as.

The 40-year-old actor mentioned, “I know there’s already a remake, but we still love Children of the Corn. Take it out of the novel instead of remaking the movie. Instead, actually take out the short story and flesh it out in an interesting way. “

Elijah frequently talks about his desire to remake Wes Craven’s iconic horror film A Nightmare on Elm Street and create a new sequel with Spectervision co-owner Daniel Noah. He revealed that he was still keen to realize his plan on the big screen.

He said ComicBook.com: “We personally talk a lot about’Elm Street’inside, playing again in that universe to see that universe, seeing Freddy (Kruger), and revisiting the concept. We’ve talked about how wonderful it is to explore.

“That’s what we’re fascinated by. Obviously, it’s a little-known little thing that shouldn’t be remade into a big one.”

The actor in “Sin City” beforehand wished Robert Englund to play the supernatural hitman Freddy Krueger in his remaining film.

Elijah mentioned, “We need to bring Robert Englund back to another film. Especially if we want to launch a new franchise and turn it in another direction, we need to establish it with him. On.

“I don’t think it’s interesting to repeat the same story over and over. I don’t need another Freddy Krueger origin story. I don’t think there should be too much talk about Freddy.”

Elijah Wood wants to restart Children of the Corn | Movie

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