Meet Oscar Parkmore: the musical persona of ambient musician Matthew Dickinson whose first single “Sleep Kills… (Biko)” is an atmospheric evening drive by the edges of electronica. 

Taking nice inspiration from the likes of Nils Frahm, Four Tet, Harry Harisono – and much more classically, Chopin – Parkmore weaves a tapestry of sounds on his debut single that’s paying homage to that traditional future-electronic sound.

Its metallic basslines and piercing synth melody are the calling playing cards of this single, however the standout second comes about midway by, when Parkmore instantly brings in a half out-of-tune piano to cleverly wind the composition down into eventual nothingness. 

And whereas Parkmore may nonetheless have to work on setting himself other than the crowd, his social conscience is there, loud and clear, paying sonic homage to Steve Biko and his tireless political analysis on a formidable debut.

Feature picture supplied by artist.

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