Emma Roberts is on a mission to avoid using plastic for her son.

The 30-year-old actress says she became a mother for the first time when she gave birth to her son Rhodes seven months ago, and that having a baby made her more aware of the world around her.

And to make sure his son lives on a clean planet, Emma is now reducing the use of plastic.

She states: “It definitely has the most spectacular kid. Previously, I was working in the world myself and just thinking about what was right for me. When I have a kid, wait So how old will he be in 2050? What will the world look like?

“For me, I wanted to educate myself more about what I should do.”

The Scream Queens star has been completely plastic-free for a week and has since made some small but important life changes to permanently reduce plastic usage.

In the change, Emma started cooking more at home instead of ordering and is now using reusable cups for her daily coffee.

One of the areas she is trying to make further changes is the product she uses at Rhodes.

She explained to People magazine: “Baby space is a really difficult space. I always feel that I have a good mission and I am looking for a company that does not use chemicals or plastics. I have to say there. There are many brands that impressed me. Yes, but I don’t think there are many great baby brands that are reliable, transparent and transparent, so I’d always recommend them.

“Since I became a mom, I’ve been really looking at the ingredients in my products. Thanks to Grove, their cleaning products are not only refillable and reusable, but also contain excellent ingredients. I was really excited. “

Emma Roberts Reduced Plastic Use For Son | Celebrity

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