FINNEAS has partnered with Fender to launch a guitar hotline.

Musicians and up-and-coming guitar heroes can answer questions about American acoustic jazz master guitars by leaving questions about how acoustic and electric instruments work in Billie Eilish’s brother’s voicemail.

In addition, the caller can talk to a Fender Gear Advisor, but Hold Music will be the musician and producer’s track “What They’ll Say About Us.”

Finius said: “American Acoustic Jazz Masters can truly change the whole sound if they know how to use it.

“I took it with me on tours, studios, and shows like’SNL’, so I have a chance here. Ask a question. It looks like this guitar can unlock with you.”

From July 21st to August 2nd in the United States, Monday to Friday from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm (MST), and in the United Kingdom from 7:00 pm to 2:00 am (BST) 1 (800) 856- You can call 9801.

Meanwhile, FINNEAS and James Blake have announced a new single, “Say What You Will,” which will be released this Thursday (22.07.21).

James used to make fun of his “dream collaborator” being a 23-year-old singer-songwriter.

He said: “These things happen really naturally. I often go looking for it without imagining that person, it just happens for some reason.”

Travis Scott, Andre 3000 and Rosalia starred in the 2019 Mercury Prize-winning last studio album, “Assume Form.”

He followed the records on the EPs “Before” and “Covers”. In the latter, he undertook a song co-authored and produced by FINNEAS for 19-year-old megastar Billy: “When The Party’s Over.”

FINNEAS launches guitar hotline on Fender | Entertainment News

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