[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for The Flash Season 7 Finale “Heart of the Matter, Part 2.”]

How do you stop the replica of the God of Speed? With the Speedster team. Barry (Grant Gustin), His wife Iris (Candice Patton) — With the shock from Speed ​​Force — and their children from the future, Nora (Jessica Parker Kennedy) And Bart (Jordan Fisher), And Jay Garrick (John Wesley Ship) Team up to take on Godspeed clones flash Finale.

Barry then teams up with enemy Thorn to stop Godspeed himself (Tom Cavanagh). Eventually, Godspeed is trapped (and his memory of Barry’s identity is erased), and Thorn is still there because of the thorns on the side of the flash. However, the season ended with a happy note and everyone gathered to renew the vows of Barry and Iris.

Ship playing Barry Allen at the 90’s CBS show flash, Disassemble the finale and make fun of what’s ahead if you meet Jay again in Season 8. In addition, he makes fun of his next appearance. Star girl Season 2.

Even now, 30 years later, I still see you as a flash. This is great.

John Wesley Shipp: [Laughs] It’s a trip.

Speaking of which, Jay regains speed, then everything goes down with a Godspeed clone, quickly returns to battle at the finale, and uses the helmet in a great way. So it’s like riding a bike for him, right?

Okay! One of the great things was that Jay was able to use his power. It’s a great concept to allow each superhero to use new spins with power he’s never used before. And of course, in the case of Jay, it’s a helmet. What a fun thing to do other than being beaten or dragged through the woods, doing something in action, and being effective as a member of the team and helping resolve the Godspeed War. Probably. It was a lot of fun. I also thought it was a great idea to give everyone new power to exercise in the war.

And I then liked to tap the helmet.

Oh, did they keep it in the helmet bing? Oh awesome, good. Because you never know. It knows the dangers of doing these interviews what you did and what you intend to do, but what they shot and what they edited or edited I don’t know what to do.So I’m glad to hear they kept [that in]..

Does Jay know what will happen next for him as a speedster, as all that happens in a very short period of time? Would you like to go back to usual?

We know that the change is constant and the velocity disappears once. It could go away again, we don’t know, but for now, both John and Jay love the fact that he is harnessing his power. I have to tell you, the wand worried me. [Laughs] I felt like “No, come on”.When i was talking [showrunner] Eric [Wallace] About coming back for these last two episodes, he said, “Jay regains his speed.” And I said, “I didn’t say it anymore. I won’t say any more. No more. That’s what I wanted to hear.”

And second, I had the opportunity to play the relationship between the mentor and the protégé, which I missed Wally. [Keiynan Lonsdale].. It went in another direction. Bert and Jay have this wonderful connection, so I can play Bert and some of them. It’s also cool because it’s based on a living history that Jay hasn’t experienced yet. So, at the finale, when Bart comes to Jay with this energy and calls him Uncle Jay, Jay is happy, but he hasn’t lived it yet, so it’s completely where everything comes from. Do not understand. What a fascinating concept!

Jabert Flash Season 7 Finale Ship Fisher

Bettina Strauss / The CW

I loved the conversation between Jay and Bart at the finale. I heard about Bart’s relationship with Nora in a previous episode.

And wasn’t it beautiful? Oh my God. It broke my heart. He sold the relationship completely.

Being an uncle is new to Jay, but Bart and Nora already know him, but he’s becoming this role.

exactly! I couldn’t make it any better myself. They know me in a living history-based role that I have never experienced. It blows the heart of my actor. Great.

And for everyone Jay knows, he intends to live it again in the future, depending on what happens to Barry, Iris and the children.

correct.Yeah, and there may be a reward for the essential closeness that exists between Bart and Jay. [in the future].. It turns out that Jay was impulsive. Like Bert, when Jay was young and lived for decades and learned some things, when Bert did something, he knew its roots and probably knew how to soften it a bit better. More than someone as close as his own father Barry might be able to. [I think] There [could be] A very special relationship that develops between Bert and Joan [Michelle Harrison] Said Jay.

Flash Season 7 Finale Jaybert Iris Barinola Speed ​​Force

Bettina Strauss / The CW

Speed ​​Force looks like his wife, and he just says she looks like someone very close to him. Is there anything that offends Jay at this point?

It’s like “You look like someone who is very familiar to me.” But he knows very well about Speed ​​Force, and if it’s worth it to the team, it’s Speed ​​Force and various developments, his experience with hypercolliders, and it to overcome the superluminal barrier. It depends on how you used it. And use it in another way at the finale. His experience in this world is what he has to offer.

[If Jay returns], There are challenges. You can see it in the finale — Jay said, “Uncle, ok, it’s new. I like it.” But he really doesn’t know how to manage that role. Therefore, there may be some surprises in the future in that regard.

The season ends with a very happy renewal of Barry and Iris’ vows.

It was great that everyone was there and it was great that many speedsters fought together on the field in the God Speed ​​War. The photos I saw were released where we were all together. It’s a manga lover’s dream to see it happen. And surely the wedding — we all had to wear private clothes. We ended up with happy notes, love, reconnection, recommitment and emotional notes.

Flash Season 7 Finale Jay Joanship Harrison

Bettina Strauss / The CW

I think that’s one thing flash It’s working very well — and this was especially the first season — it’s a single bound type with action-adventure superheroes, amusement park rides, skyscraper jumps, heart moments or blow moments. A balanced heart for large-scale entertainment.Combining these two flash it’s the best. And we got them. When I read the last two episodes, I was counting special effects, and I was like, “Wow, OK, they all disappear.” But they end at the moment they speak to their hearts.And I think it balances these two things it makes flash The show it is.

let’s meet Star girl In season 2. Is there anything I can make fun of about it?

Okay!All I can say is to start watching Star girl August 10. I’m episode 9. Don’t wait for me It’s a great new show that has the energy of a new show and it’s unique.I loved working together Luke Wilson, Lou Ferrigno Jr. Is working with all these people. Geoff Johns I was in the set every day.It really felt like one of the early seasons flash, When everyone was there. And I have to tell you, it has a lot of energy around it.

That’s what people use to say flash.. They would say, “Well, I don’t know. It’s a new version. It’s young Barry Allen. I don’t know what to watch, CW. flash.. And I said, “I have one request. Look at the premiere and decide.” Well, that’s what I’m going to say. Star girl.. I think it will be a big hit unless you make a mistake.

flash, Season 8 Premier, Tuesday, November 16th, 8 / 7c, CW

DC star girl, Season 2 Premier, Tuesday, August 10th, 8 / 7c, CW

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