Get to Know the Hypemen Leading the Sound Revolution in Nigeria

Down on the party floors of Nigeria and within the padded four walls of the clubs dotting the nation’s many cities, exists what is the rise of a revolution of sound as we have come to know and consume it. Upheld by DJs who serve as bedrocks of Nigeria’s ever-expanding sound domination, party-loving Nigerians are gradually being immersed in a hypeman-led exploration of sound where some of the biggest tunes in recent times in the country, were crafted extemporaneously, on a heated up dancefloor, mic in hand, lamba in check and artfully curated song mixes by the DJ on standby as a fluid hypeman spurs on the party-goers in his care to let go of all inhibitions and indulge themselves to the fullest. Many of these hype songs, nearly as infectious as the flu, have since surpassed dancefloor popularity to become viral sensations that see them vying for the top spots on charts and social media via user-generated clips with studio-recorded songs. 

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