Hartleyvale are back and twice as nice with the release of not one but two singles – “All the Noise” and “Dive”. And it’s clear to see that the four-piece Cape Town outfit are continuing on their journey to perfecting their groove-laden sound.  

The first track, “All the Noise” is a reflective offering penned by James Nevin that reminiscences on days spent with a friend who moved away. Its ruminant theme is perfectly embodied by the song’s undeniably wholesome sound that unfolds at a laid-back pace and, just as thoughts are wont to do, at times delves into a sort of sonic chaos. Smooth vocals and glimmering chords take the reins for the duration of the track, creating a wonderfully easy to listen to (if, at times, hard to decipher) offering.

“Dive” sees the band just about dive headfirst into a slightly new, more electronically driven sound, while still merrily continuing along their ‘embodying audial chill’ trajectory. Oozing that ultra-laid-back bedroom jam energy, this song opts for easy beats layered with a slow and sleek bassline, smooth strumming and some vibey synth (plus, a sensually slow shred for good measure) to create an atmospheric offering that – for all intents and purposes – knocks it out the park.

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