[WARNING: MAJOR spoilers from Ted Lasso Season 1 follow.]

Richmond’s super adorable head coach Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis). We know he likes to bake biscuits for his friends. We know he doesn’t know what “offside” means in football. We know that he keeps a jar of peanut butter open at the counter so that he can take a scoop with his fingers as he passes by. We know that he wore pajamas on a high school prom and fell in love with both his art teacher and his best friend’s sister.

But what we know about Ted most often stops at the Season 1 event. Little is valuable collected from the first 10 episodes about his past and the history of his family. Sport psychologist Sharon (Sarah Niles) Join the team — and Ted’s panic attack — we believe this information may become relevant to Season 2. So, not so much, here’s what we know about why Ted went his current path:

He is from the midwest

Specifically, Kansas — Meliam if you’re viewing a Ted Lasso Twitter account, or Kansas City if you’re viewing Kansas City. I’m listening to Jason Sudeikis.. Ted’s Midwestern roots reappear throughout the first season, from references to barbecue (and shipping barbecue sauce from the United States to him) to specific shirts that represent Kansas City’s culture and restaurants. I don’t know where he went to college, but I know he met his ex-wife there … and given how much of Ted’s life was based in Kansas, he was there. It doesn’t seem easy to assume that you went to college. ,Also.

He is good at darts

In one of our favorite moments of Season 1, Ted defeated Rupert (Anthony Stewart Head) with a Bullseye and two triple 20s. Ted’s darts proficiency came from playing games with his father every Sunday. He started at the age of 10 and died when his father was 16.

That alone has a decent amount to unpack. First of all, it’s related that Ted and his dad were playing in the bar instead of their home. It’s a little surprising that Ted’s dad consistently takes his 10-year-old kid to the bar (given Ted’s final career choice, he and his dad to watch a football match on Sunday. You may have been there). But on the other side of the coin, given that there is the same ritual every Sunday and Ted seems to look back on it lovingly, I speculate that Ted and his dad might have been nearby. I can do it.

You can also see here that Ted’s father died when he was young. It’s interesting that I don’t know much about Ted’s mom. Ted doesn’t mention her, nor does he see him reaching out to her after landing in England. We know he has happy memories with his father, so it would be interesting to see if Season 2 delves into his relationship with her.

He was probably bullied

Part of Ted’s Crusaders, which makes everyone “have a little love” in their hearts, is probably due to how he was treated from a young age to adulthood. In the same conversation about darts, Ted states that there were many people who despised him and underestimated him throughout his life because he was not curious: they have judgment. was.

Ted is usually pretty cheerful and cheerful, but dealing with that decision probably left a mark, whether it was in the form of school bullying or an unfriendly adult-and that he did. It’s something we might talk to Sharon in Season 2.

He has a panic attack

He had never acted that way, but Ted was certainly under pressure throughout Season 1. He was trying to teach a sport he didn’t know in a country he wasn’t familiar with, along with players who hated him and teams facing demotion, while his marriage was collapsing. It’s enough for everyone to be nervous, but for those with anxiety, it’s more than just a memory loss: it can be a trigger. And for Ted, that was exactly what he suffered from a panic attack in episode 5 of the show.

It’s worth noting that Ted thinks he’s “crazy”, saying he doesn’t know what’s going on. This probably means that he has no history of panic attacks or anxiety. In any case, he doesn’t seem to have been diagnosed or treated for it. This is what a sport psychologist can definitely help him in Season 2.

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