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Hello Neighbor announced on October 12 that it is affiliated with the US Refugee and Immigration Commission. This will allow refugees, special immigrant visa holders, migrants, Pittsburgh, and the entire Allegheny County to initiate direct resettlement.

Non-profit organization, Established in 2017Has provided assistance to refugees who have been in Pittsburgh for six months to five years through a variety of programs and direct assistance, but a new partnership will allow refugees to begin assistance as soon as they arrive. Become. This is Hello Neighbor’s first federal contract.

“The responsibility to resettle these new arrivals, our latest neighbors in our big cities and our communities, is the same heart, compassion, dignity, and respect we bring to all programs. Hello, Neighbors Founder and CEO Sloane Davidson said. YouTube video Announce the partnership.

In the next 12 months, Hello Neighbors will resettle 100 refugees from countries where many Pittsburgh refugee families have already arrived, including Bhutan, Myanmar, Syria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. We also plan to resettle 50 Afghan special immigrant visa holders and up to 100 Afghan humanitarian parlors who worked with the US military. Extracted from Afghanistan..

Hello Neighbor helps with housing, employment, enrollment in schools and English classes, access to health care, basic needs and more. Its family services are also programs such as family mentorship, research associates for students, and a smart start program for pregnant mothers and people with newborns, after additional reconciliation after the first 90 days of the family. Will continue to support you.

The US Refugee and Immigration Commission aims to help refugees achieve self-sufficiency through a partnership with the US Department of State and has helped more than 300,000 new entrants. The Hello Neighbor-USCRI partnership includes the implementation of a community sponsorship model by Allegheny County volunteers to support community referrals to third spaces such as airport pickup, housing and school support, transportation, libraries and playgrounds. included.And the group expansion of services will come after the Trump administration has reduced funding, and Local refugee agencies needed to shrink or collapse..

“We have made incredible progress together in creating a more welcoming Pittsburgh for refugees and migrant neighbors. This is really just the beginning,” said Davidson. Told.

Hi Neighbors Receive Federal Grants to Reset Allegheny County Refugees | News | Pittsburgh

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