Hollywood workers may need to be vaccinated to work on the Union Film Set under the new COVID-19 safety requirements.

On Monday night, producers had the option of requiring casts and crews working near the actors to be vaccinated, said a major union in the entertainment industry and an alliance of Hollywood producers.

According to a joint statement signed by multiple unions and a coalition of film and television producers, this measure is one of several protocols updated with relaxed testing and masking requirements in a new contract that will run until September 30. It is one.

Short-term contracts with SAG-AFTRA, the International Alliance of Theatrical Film and Theater Labor Unions, and other unions stipulate safety measures aimed at preventing illness, testing, masking, and other spreads of infection. Part of the protocol is relaxed. Coronavirus.

After the agreement expired on June 30, the group began negotiating ways to relax restrictions to facilitate filmmaking. The new measures were expected to help reduce testing and hygiene requirements and lower producer costs.

“The COVID-19 Safety Agreement is an unprecedented coordination and solidarity between unions and employers to develop science-based protocols that minimize the risk of COVID-19 virus infection in an industry-specific work environment. It is the result of our cooperation with, “the organization said. Their statement. “The protocol promoted a successful rebound in film and television production, prioritizing the safety of the cast, crew, and all onset workers.”

The COVID-19 pandemic shutdown last spring hit the entertainment industry. According to one estimate, nearly 300,000 jobs have been lost in California’s creative industries.

The return-to-work agreement reached last fall included compensation for crew members who took the time to test and quarantine, allowing the industry to return to business for the most part. Although the number of outbreaks associated with movie sets is small, producers continue to struggle to raise money and insurance due to the risk of shutdown.

Previous protocols had different testing and social distance requirements, depending on how closely the cast and crew of the set were divided into different zones and how closely they needed to work together.

In Zone A, played by the actor, the crew had to be tested at least three times a week. Sets, gears and transport vehicles had to be disinfected frequently. This increased costs and slowed down shooting.

Case-by-case productions can now require workers in Zone A of the set to be vaccinated. The group said it may also adjust the frequency of testing in certain areas of the United States and Canada, where the incidence of COVID-19 remains very low.

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Hollywood crew may be forced to vaccinate under the New Deal with the union | Entertainment

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