If you employ “123456”, “password” or “qwerty” as a password, you’re in all probability conscious that you just’re leaving your self susceptible to hackers. But you’re additionally not alone – these are three of the prime ten most common passwords round the world, in response to a new report.

In partnership with unbiased researchers, password administration service NordPass compiled thousands and thousands of passwords right into a dataset to find out the 200 most generally used passwords round the world in 2021.


They analysed the knowledge and introduced outcomes throughout 50 international locations, taking a look at how well-liked numerous selections have been in several elements of the world. They additionally checked out password tendencies by gender.

The findings present password selections are sometimes hooked up to cultural references. For instance, individuals throughout a number of international locations take inspiration from their favorite soccer workforce. In the UK, “liverpool” was the third most well-liked password, with 224,160 hits, whereas the title of Chilean soccer membership “colocolo” was utilized by 15,748 individuals in Chile, making it the fifth most common selection.

In some international locations passwords referring to faith have been well-liked. For instance, “christ” was the nineteenth most common password utilized in Nigeria, used 7,169 instances. Meanwhile, “bismillah”, an Arabic phrase that means in the title of Allah, was utilized by 1,599 individuals in Saudi Arabia – the thirtieth most common selection.

The report additionally mirrored variations between genders. Women have a tendency to make use of extra constructive and affectionate phrases and phrases similar to “sunshine” or “iloveyou”, whereas males usually use sports-related passwords. In some international locations, males use extra swear phrases than girls.

While music-themed passwords have been well-liked throughout each genders, selections like “onedirection” or “justinbieber” have been extra well-liked amongst girls, whereas males favoured bands similar to “metallica” and “slipknot”.

Top 10 most common passwords globally
Rank Password Count
1 123456 103,170,552
2 123456789 46,027,530
3 12345 32,955,431
4 qwerty 22,317,280
5 password 20,958,297
6 12345678 14,745,771
7 111111 13,354,149
8 123123 10,244,398
9 1234567890 9,646,621
10 1234567 9,396,813
According to NordPass’ Most Common Passwords report, 2021

Choose lengthy and advanced passwords

Passwords stay the essential authentication mechanism for computer systems and network-based merchandise and companies. But we all know individuals proceed to decide on weak passwords and usually don’t handle them securely, leaving themselves susceptible to on-line safety threats.

Weak passwords are simple to guess and may be cracked with minimal issue by attackers utilizing brute-force strategies (attempting all letter, quantity and image combos to discover a match). They are additionally simple targets for a dictionary assault, which is a scientific methodology attackers use to guess a password, attempting many common phrases and variations of those.

To overcome the safety points related to password-based authentication methods, researchers and builders are actually centered on creating authentication methods which don’t depend on passwords in any respect.

In the meantime, two-factor authentication (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA) strategies are a great way to safe your accounts. These strategies mix a password with biometrics data (for instance, a face scan or fingerprint) or one thing you could have, like a token.

You can create a password that’s each sturdy and memorable by combining three random phrases. Machine-generated passwords are additionally tough to guess and much less prone to seem in password dictionaries utilized by attackers.

But after all, all of this is simpler mentioned than performed. One of the challenges we face in at this time’s digital age is password overload. And it may be tough to recollect advanced passwords, notably machine-generated ones.

So it’s a good suggestion to make use of a dependable password supervisor for this objective. Relying in your internet browser to recollect your passwords is much less safe – it’s attainable attackers can exploit vulnerabilities in the browser to entry saved passwords.

NordPass’ findings, though not printed in a peer-reviewed journal, align with what we all know from comparable lists printed elsewhere – that the most well-liked passwords are weak.

Hopefully, for those who see considered one of your passwords on this listing, it will likely be impetus to vary it to one thing stronger. Ethical hackers – individuals who work to stop computer systems and networks from being hacked – might additionally use these insights for good. On the different hand, we have now to acknowledge the risk that hackers might use this data to focus on password assaults. This needs to be all the extra purpose to strengthen your passwords.

Chaminda Hewage, Reader in Data Security, Cardiff Metropolitan University and Elochukwu Ukwandu, Lecturer in Computer Security, Department of Computer Science, Cardiff Metropolitan University

This article is republished from The Conversation underneath a Creative Commons license. Read the unique article.

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