Jameela Jamil blew up billionaires Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson for wasting money on space travel.

The “She-Hulk” star uses Twitter to mock two businessmen’s recent expedition to space to solve or release some of the world’s problems, such as homelessness and global medical care. Britney Spears from her guardian insisted that two men should spend their enormous wealth to do so.

She tweeted: “Everyone! Everyone? So which millionaire was the first in space ?!

“Oh, wait, wait. Don’t tell me. I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. F *** These guys. Good night.

“Maybe their next” d *** is big “competition would be:

“Which millionaire saved medical care? Which millionaire housed the most homeless people?”

“Which millionaire released Britney will even work for me.”

Jamira, 35, is a wave of hatred online in a social media post criticizing Bezos, 57, and Branson, 71, who are widely praised for their efforts to create commercial flights into space. I expected to cause.

The actress of “The Good Place” wrote: “I noticed that my tweet about the Billionaire Brothers fills my timeline with Insel and the Billionaire Simp, and I can’t care. Their next race will pay their taxes. Hope to be, it’s all I say. Like their ardent fans who idolize them, they have nothing. “

Bezos, the wealthiest man in the world, and his crew landed safely on Earth after a successful launch by the private spaceflight company Blue Origin from western Texas on Tuesday (20.07.21).

The founders of Amazon are himself and his younger brother Mark in New Shepard, and 18-year-old Dutchman Oliver Demen and 82-year-old aerospace pioneer Wally Funk (the youngest and youngest of space travel, respectively). The rocket that flew (became the chief people).

The capsule separated from the rocket about two minutes after the flight and then headed upward toward the Karman Line, the most famous cosmic boundary 100 km in the air.

The group moved into space for about 11 minutes, got out of their seats, floated around the cabin for about 4 minutes during the flight, and then parachuted down.

After the capsule landed, Bezos said: “Astronaut Bezos: the best day ever!”

Branson’s Virgin Galactic rocket-powered aircraft successfully sailed from an American launch site into space on July 11. This trip served as a test of the space travel experience he hopes to launch next year.

“I’ve dreamed of this moment since I was a kid, but to be honest, I’m not ready to look at the Earth from space. Everything was magical,” he said at a post-flight press conference.

The entrepreneur was accompanied by pilots Dave McKay and Michael Masucci, and three employees of Virgin Galactic, Beth Moses, Colin Bennett and Sirisha Bandra.

After the flight, Branson and his three staff were presented with commercial astronaut wings by former space station commander and Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield.

The journey lasted 59 minutes from start to finish, and passengers experienced weightlessness for several minutes during the flight.

Jameela Jamil blows up astronaut billionaires Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson | Celebrities

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