I can’t assist however surprise – or valiantly hope – that James Deacon has sufficient spine to keep his nicotine abstinence after he shot this music video. Because cigarettes had been smoked in a grungy observe about quitting the very things. But I’m getting forward of myself. 

Coming in forward of an imminent EP drop, James Deacon’s latest launch “For You” is sustaining all that edgy brashness he coined with final 12 months’s debut album, Season One. An ode to the rollicking highs and lows that come alongside with a nicotine addiction, “For You” narrates Deacon’s love-hate relationship with cigarettes, penned after lastly quitting them. 

“Smokers will get it, non-smokers will think it’s about a girl,” he says, and he’s proper. The observe favours a crackling, industrial undertone, over which Deacon drops catchy verses in his trademark snappy croon. “I put you in my pocket but not for long / I’ll be calling you again if ever things go wrong,” he sings over a grungy guitar line which units him someplace in the three-point middle-ground between pop, rock and hip hop.

The video, shot by Kyle Kemink on the humble iPhone, is it’s gritty, mildly industrial counterpart. Deacon puffs on ciggies as he kicks up mud in a graffiti-smeared deserted constructing. It’s mildly chaotic, comfortably DIY and retains things positively edgy as he continues to shoulder his method by means of the scene.

Feature picture credit: Kyle Kemink

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