Jeff Bezos has realized his childhood dream of becoming an astronaut.

Amazon’s founder, the wealthiest man in the world, and his crew landed safely on Earth after the successful launch of the private spaceflight company Blue Origin from western Texas on Tuesday (20.07.21). ..

The 57-year-old billionaire flew himself and his younger brother Mark, as well as the 18-year-old Dutchman Oliver Demen and the 82-year-old aerospace pioneer Wally Funk. With the New Shepard rocket.

The capsule separated from the rocket about two minutes after the flight and then headed upward toward the Karman Line, the most famous cosmic boundary 100 km in the air.

The group moved into space for about 11 minutes, got out of their seats, floated around the cabin for about 4 minutes during the flight, and then parachuted down.

Wally could be heard praising the scenery on board, shouting, “Oh, my words, look at the world.”

After the capsule landed, Jeff said, “Astronaut Bezos: the best day ever!”

Oliver, Blue Origin’s first paid passenger, replaced an anonymous person who bid $ 28 million for a flight seat, even though he knew the scheduled flight date before bidding. The location has been postponed “due to schedule conflict”.

Bob Smith, CEO of Blue Origin, previously explained: “The winner of the Blue Origin auction, who wants to remain anonymous at this time, has chosen to participate in future missions due to schedule competition. Thank you for the generosity of the auction winner. Club for the The We are honored to support Future and welcome Oliver to fly with us. This marks the beginning of commercial activity and Oliver is a new generation of people helping us pave the way to space. Represents. “

Jeff Bezos Flying into Space | Entertainment News

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