Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are reportedly not in a hurry to get engaged or married.

Couples who were scheduled to cancel their engagement in 2003 but postponed their wedding due to “excessive media attention” before canceling their engagement the following year have become intimate again in recent months and the same page about them. The future is said to be in.

Sources told E! News: “[They] We are completely committed to each other …

“They have been engaging their lives and their families and have not yet felt the need to engage or tie a knot.

“They are both there and don’t feel they need it. They are very safe in their relationship and Ben worships her.

“That really means it’s there, and everyone around them thinks they’re a perfect match.”

Ben was previously married to Jennifer Garner from 2005 to 2018, and J-Lo has been married to Ojaninoa, Cris Judd and Marc Anthony for many years.

Meanwhile, insiders recently revealed that the couple are now in a “great place.”

The insider said, “When Ben contacted J-Lo, she was really excited about the possibility that they would rekindle their relationship. J-Lo has always loved Ben.

“At the time, Ben broke up with J-Lo because he was overwhelmed by the constant media attention and fame that the relationship brought, but now they’re in a great place and really learned what works as a couple. . “

The relationship between Jennifer and Ben is “not a big deal for either child.” The singer shares 13-year-old twins Emme and Max with ex-Mark and Ben, Violet’s father, 15, Serafina, 12, and Samuel. 9, with ex-wife Jennifer.

And while they haven’t worked perfectly together yet, the couple’s friends expect them to do so too.

One source said, “If they move together and eventually get together, their friends won’t be surprised. They spend all their free time together and prioritize each other. There is. “

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck “On the Same Page” About the Future | Entertainment News

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