John Lydon compared the 1998 music license agreement signed by the Sex Pistols with “slave labor.”

Former frontman of the “British Anarchy” band appeared in a courtroom in London on Wednesday (21.07.21), providing evidence after their music was furious at being used in Danny Boyle’s FX drama series “Pistols.” Based on the memoir of his ex-bandmate Steve Jones, “Lonely Boy: A Story from the Sex Pistols”.

Redon, who had already blown up Boyle, who allegedly created the program without participation or consent, described the 23-year-old agreement as “like a complete trap or prison.”

Jones and former drummer Paul Cook of the group have decided to use the back catalog for BMA (band member contract) “based on a majority vote”.

Redon said in court: “I’m very interested in this band and its reputation and quality control, and I have a say whenever I think something is being done to do harm or damage. [it]..

“I don’t want anything I’m involved with to sacrifice any of us. It will destroy the whole point and purpose of the band, and so I don’t understand BMA … I don’t remember signing it.

“I can’t let a complete stranger who isn’t interested rewrite your history. This is my life. This is my history. I didn’t write these songs. [for them] Unleashed in nonsense “

Punk rockers argued that “all decisions” about their music and brand were always based on a “unanimous” agreement.

He continued. “I don’t understand how Steve and Paul think I have the right to insist that I morally disagree with the mind and soul at all without any involvement.

“My fear is that they require me to agree to sign the rights to the drama documentary that I have not been granted access to.

“I don’t think BMA is true.

“I didn’t seek this proceeding, it was brought to me, so I’m going to protect myself naturally.

“It doesn’t make sense for me to be here, and I’ve never been able to fully agree with all vested interests in one managed camp.”

Edmund Karen QC, the head of Jones and Cook, claimed that Redon “deeply regrets signing the BMA” to call it “slave labor.”

He said: “If you consider it slave labor, you will do whatever it takes to get out of it.”

In a witness statement earlier this week, Cook claimed that Redon “can be a difficult person and always feels in control.”

The musician added: “I thought my relationship with John would get worse with it.

“Maybe Steve and I were too kind to John for years trying to maintain a good relationship, so we should have been more strict.

“I’m unhappy that he behaves this way for personal projects that are important to Steve, especially since we’ve always supported his personal projects.”

Redon claimed he was excluded from all aspects of the production and remained smoked by the promotional photo of Anson Boon, who plays him.

A “pistol” spokesperson would always contact the PiL singer before the shoot began, and Boyle claimed he had written to him through his management company, but it didn’t help.

The representative said:[Danny] I wanted to talk personally with Mr. Redon about the manufacture of pistols. However, in the end, direct contact was denied. “

John Lydon Brands Music Request for Sex Pistols in TV Drama “Slave Labor” | Music

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