K.O Celebrates Having One Of The Biggest Hip Hop Songs On Radio In May 2021. Award winning rapper K.O is one of the most consistent artists in SA Hip Hop to date. K.O has been in the industry for more then 10 years and is still celebrating massive achievements for his music.

K.O Reveals His Plans Before He Drops 'MS3'

The Skhanda Gawd has made it his mission to push his label Skhanda World into the right direction in 2021 and he has achieved so much already from all of their music releases. K.O recently released his first single of 2021, K:HOVA and the reception of the single was impeccable.

The rapper is now celebrating having one of the biggest Hip Hop songs in the month of May. His single K:HOVA placed 9th place just in front of Musa Keys’ Vula Mlomo. He thanked his fans for their support writing, “Thank you…” and promised that there is more on the way soon.

The first biggest Hip Hop song of the month is Big Zulu’s emotional single featuring Mduduzi’s smooth vocals Inhlupheko.

During the roll out of K.O’s single he mentioned that the song might be the best tracks he’s ever made. He mentioned that he was influenced by none other than Grammy award wining rapper Jay-Z, explaining that Jay Z wears many other hats than just the rapper hat and said they’re similar in that regard. In the same interview he added that some people compartmentalize his success and only know certain moments from his entire career.

K.O’s music video for K:HOVA was released at the same time as the single and has already accumulated over 250 000 views. K.O teamed up with Lunatik Beats who produced his Skhanda World album. K.O is due to release an album in 2021 but has not announced a release date for the project.

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