Khanya Yucca is one of the many talented artists in the ever-growing South African R&B scene. She recently re-released her single titled ‘Second Chance’. The song sees Khanya Yucca talk about how she is no longer giving out second chances to a lover who has done her wrong one too many times. ‘Second Chances’ is one of those songs that have huge single quality. Her execution of this song reminds me of the reasons I enjoy an artist like Kehlani. ‘Second Chances’ is the type of song you can listen to on repeat because it feels like one long chorus. Before you know it, you are at the end of the 3-minute long track. What makes the song so infectious is Khanya Yucca’s delivery. It’s the perfect example of an artist knowing when not to do too much. She found the perfect flow to go with the production and her lyrics are easy to consume and highly relatable. It’s basically impossible not to sing along with her when she says “I’ve given you one, two, three, too many chances to f*ck with me”. The highlight of the song is arguably the end of the song where Khanya Yucca’s voice takes centre stage and coincides with the last drop of the song, making for a pretty memorable ending.


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