After what feels like years of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West not being on the same page, it looks like the pair finally found their rhythm.

E Online tells us that the Kardashian-West family were visiting the Asian Art Museum earlier this week as one big happy family. With their four kids in tow, the elite family enjoyed observing art pieces and, as an insider put it, were “gracious, appreciative, and had a great time”–which is definitely a step in the right direction for all involved.

Because of this progression of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West speaking to one another again after previously ghosting one another, Kimye fans are starting to wonder what this means for the couple and if there is any chance of the two rekindling their romance. For those of you wondering, unfortunately, a rekindle doesn’t seem too likely.

Will Kim Kardashian and Kanye West get back together?

Currently, all signs point to the couple continuing to go about their own separate ways for the sake of the children. While the small family was able to enjoy some quality time together this week, according to the SKIMS founder, the American rapper is usually in another state far away from the kids. The impromptu long-distance relationship, amongst many other reasons, is the cause for many tensions in the relationship that simply couldn’t be mended by the two.

Besides, with Kanye West officially dating model Irina Shayk, the chances of Kimye getting back together have dropped drastically especially with West seemingly being in the relationship with his new girlfriend for the long haul; the break up between our celebs seems permanent.

And in speaking of the separation, though the divorce is not yet finalized legally, the divorce seems to have definitely been finalized in reality.

One of Kanye West’s requests for the divorce was joint custody for both him and his ex-wife. Perhaps this museum trip was an attempt to see if the celebs would be great co-parents without it being awkward. By the looks of it, the answer is yes with an insider stating, “Kim has always been open to co-parenting together and being able to do things as a family. Kanye needed some time, but he now seems more open to it.”

Kimye may not ever remarry again, but it is good to see that their friendship that brought these two together as husband and wife in the first place, hasn’t gone anywhere.


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