Remember when indie pop ruled the SA scene? It was about 7 years ago, Al Bairre and The Vanilla were in their prime. Now, it’s been a while but meet Kloudink: if you haven’t noticed already they’re throwing fresh energy into the genre, injecting a whole lot of life back into the game.

They sidled onto the scene mid-2020, impressively carving out a niche for themselves and their slick, vaguely retro sound as the industry shook on its foundations. A couple of funky music videos down the line, a few live performances slowly stacking up as opportunities arise, and the Wilderness natives are building a name for themselves. 

Their latest release, “I Don’t Mind” is a rollicking ode to change – written in a post-breakup, mid-pandemic, anxiety-riddled haze. Co-produced by Josh Berry, it’s bittersweet and energy-fuelled, yet unexpectedly light on its feet beneath the driving drums and sleek production. On the surface it’s a delightfully classic indie-pop offering, until the half-submerged vocalism, and unpredictable crescendos inject a unique bite which snaps the listener to attention.

Kloudink are as candid as they are refreshingly familiar, and “I Don’t Mind” is a delightfully indulgent offering which begs the resounding question: who are you now, after everything has changed?

Feature image credits: Lorcan Berg

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