Kylie Minogue is proud that her gold sizzling pants at the moment are in the museum.

The 53-year-old singer wore eye-catching sizzling pants in the video of the hit single “Spinning Around” in 2000 and is now a part of the Kylie-themed assortment at the Downunder Museum.


When requested about sizzling pants, Kylie, who beforehand starred as Shirleyen Robinson in the Australian cleaning soap opera “Neighbors,” explains:

“The same is true of Shirley’s overalls, which I probably never owned. They were souvenirs I took from Neighbors.

“So they have overalls, gold hot pants, showgirl stuff,” headless “jumpsuits … yeah, I donated almost everything to them in 2005. .. Since then, they have some fragments. “

Kylie also has many items on display at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

She told the “headliner”: “The Victoria and Albert Museum has basically been my dressing room since 2006.

“So I went there in 2019 and took a peek at the dressing room and told my boyfriend,” I’ve these footwear. I used to be questioning the place these footwear had been. ” “

Both Kylie and her sister Danii have had remarkable success in the music industry for many years.

And the chart-top star explained that her parents were always keen on developing their talents from a very young age.

Kylie said: “My parents wanted us to be exposed to art and music, so I was in a music class when I was about four or five years old.”

Kylie Minogue Gold Hot Pants belong to the museum | Music

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