[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Law & Order: Organized Crime Season 2 Episode 11 “As Nottingham Was to Robin Hood.”]

Hacker Sebastian McClane (Robin Lord Taylor) May have to do good issues from the underside of his coronary heart for the fast future Law and order: organized crime..


Indeed, Angela Wheatley (Tamara TaylorShe says she helps him do one thing good, however he’s with Richard ()Dylan McDermott) Instead of returning to FBI management as he tried, once more by the tip of “As Nottingham was in Robin Hood.” (He thought he was crouching after visiting the household of the guards he had died.) And collectively, the 2 males simply averted Detective Elliott Stabler (“Christopher Meloni) And Sergeant Ayanabel (Daniel Monet Truit).

Taylor tells us what’s ahead.

Sebastian remains free, but now he is with Richard. How did Angela come to trust her? Because they both want to do good things?

Robin Lord Taylor: That’s exactly it. They are both under this guy’s thumb. The only solution is to work together. That is the only chance they have.

Bring your friends and enemies closer.


Should Richard be worried about what McLean might do to him?

It’s interesting. He should be, but to be honest, I don’t know if Wheatley is worried about anything. I don’t think worry is what he experiences. He is a plotter. He is a snake. He is looking ahead. He is a manipulator. He is not afraid of anything.

What can you say about what McLean and Richard will do next?

Since they see the world differently, there are inevitable conflicts that are likely to occur, and it will only be about the struggle to see who can raise the other. This dance between the two continues and the stakes are getting higher and higher.

Can McLean do anything good while with Richard? Is he trying?

In next week’s episode, it will allow us to correct some mistakes he made about how he uses Richard and avoid the catastrophic guilt he feels. It’s like what you see. For him, it’s a real prison. He had been trapped for years, but it wasn’t a prison. The prison was guilty and the pain he lived in every moment due to the death of the guard.

He intended to bend down before returning to Wheatley. Will it happen again, or will Richard not even think about it?

He’s on Richard’s web, and it’s a survival game at this point. He wants to do the right thing, but if you’re dead you can’t do the right thing.

Heidi Gatman / NBC

Does McLean have any thoughts on what he got in the midst of Stabler and Richard?

I’m sure he has an idea. It’s pretty legendary, and Wheatley and Stabler are dynamic. He wants to allow the two to go out completely facing each other.

So are you going to see McLean reach out to Stabler to help defeat Richard?

We will see. I don’t want to ruin anything. But in these episodes I started working with both Christopher Meloni and Dylan McDermott, and I say they are just two incredibly kind and generous people. Must be. Fortunately, you can play the characters on both sides. It was really fun.

Which character will McLean have the most intriguing relationship with in the future? He’s with Richard, so I had that conversation with Angela and talked to Stabbler on the phone …

They are all intriguing, but I think his connection with Angela Wheatley is really special. Because two very injured people, very deep and existential pain-like, find each other and have a connection there. It’s a really human part of this story that I really like, and it reveals so much about these characters.

What else can you tell us about the future of Sebastian McClane?

You really will learn how much his influence has spread to the world. On the first day of my work, the producer was talking to me about the character, and he just said Edward Snowden. He said, “Think about it. That’s what we’re dealing with here.” And, as we all know, Edward Snowden, who’s he, relying on what he did. I do know And regardless of how folks really feel about what he did, you realize he did it. And we are going to see extra of Sebastian McLean, also called Constantine, his affect spreading world wide.

In his first episode, they stated “Constantine” and knew precisely who he was.

That’s proper. He is a legend.

What is your favourite scene to shoot?

I shot a scene the place McLean is out on this planet in New York City. Taken at Madison Square Park in the course of Manhattan.This is my first job working in New York since I rap Gotham years in the past. Having simply returned to Manhattan, capturing on the road is a dream come true. It’s one of many moments after I really feel like I’m experiencing an out-of-body expertise and say, “Oh, this is really happening.” This is actually occurring. There is not any different feeling like that. So, though it’s a small scene, I’ve my favourite scene on a park bench in Madison Square Park.

Robin Lord Taylor as Gotham's Penguins

Jeff Neumann / © Fox / Courtesy Everett Collection

Speaking of Gotham, Penguins vs. McLean, who will come out on high?

it’s tough. I’m most likely going to name it a penguin. You can’t die simply because he’s a penguin. [Laughs] But I feel he positively tried Wheatley and actually tried to get McLean to work with him. So use McLean for the whole lot he can after which chuck him.

McLean’s want to do good could be a weak spot.

That’s true. And I like this character, in order that’s additionally fascinating. It jogs my memory of penguins a little bit. They are related in that the penguins are very dangerous folks, however you may see a fraction of humanity in him, however McLean is the alternative. He is human, after which dangerous issues occurred, and it wasn’t essentially his fault. They are sophisticated. They are tragic figures in their very own approach.

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