Lord launched the comeback single “Solar Power” and launched the third studio album of the identical title.

New Zealand singer-songwriter shocked followers on her mailing record by dropping the primary new music because the 2017 “melodrama” and saying her new LP impressed by the “natural world”.

She writes:

“Her legs are always naked. She’s sexy, playful, savage, and free. She’s a modern girl in a deadstock bikini, touching the past and future, at the highest level when summer comes. It vibrates. Her skin is shining and she has a lot of lovers. I’m completely obsessed with her, and soon you will.

“Finally, I’m very happy to introduce my third studio album, SOLAR POWER.”

She continued, teasing the deeper which means behind the gathering. “This album celebrates nature and is an attempt to immortalize the deep, transcendental emotions of being outdoors. In times of heartache, sadness, deep love and turmoil, I seek answers from nature. I learned to exhale and adjust, and that’s what happened.

“The first song, also known as SOLAR POWER, written and produced by me and Jack, is the first ray. It’s about its infectious and frivolous summer energy that captures us all, June (or you). It’s December for a baby in the Southern Hemisphere like me, but I know it’s literally impossible for all of you to wrap your little head !!).

“I made everything with my friends here in New Zealand. My best friend Ophelia took a cover photo, I jumped over her and lay on the sand, and we both laughed. My first The director Joel, who made the music video, helped me make the video and built the whole movie world that you can’t wait to see. Family, girlfriends, outdoors, constant I made a capsule of my hometown, such as rebellion and endless quest for God. “

The “Royals” hit maker needs followers to make use of this album as a summer season soundtrack.

She concluded that: “Honestly, there are more details to come. It’s a really comical amount of details. You can see a natural calendar for clues. I listen to what’s there. Trying to tilt, and the mood I got was that you’re ready for this, you need it. I’ll bring this album to your summer companion, you’re on the beach I want to make it something that pumps on my drive. Something that remains on my skin like a tan as the moon cools again.

“Today is the only solar eclipse of the year, did you know that? I feel right.”

The launch date of the album has not but been introduced.

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