Lord says Jack Antonoff is her husband in songwriting.

The 24-year-old singer compares her relationship with songwriter Jack, 37, to a “platonic marriage,” and says she never gets tired of each other.

She described “Ash London Live” on the Australian hit network as follows: “Jack has been to New Zealand several times. I went to LA from time to time before the pandemic. At the end of last year we did a big job together in New Zealand and finished things alone in an empty studio. It was creepy and fun. There was a lot of Face Timing at strange times, it was pretty tricky.

“It’s been six months since the pandemic started. Jack and I have a really deep relationship, and in a way it’s like a marriage, a platonic marriage. We’re there for the rest of my life at this point. We have been so intimate for five or six years that we don’t seem to be fed up with each other, but who knows or something can happen. “

He also revealed that Lord, who isn’t in the limelight when he’s not working, prefers to be a “normal person” over pop stars.

She states: “The good thing about how I do that is that I’ve been a normal person for years at a time, and for the next six months I’ve been really fun, surreal and busy. A normal person. I’m robbing myself. I don’t feel like it.

“Sometimes I feel romantic about how fun it is to cook all day long.

“Recently, I love making seafood. I make mussels, clams and spicy tomato pasta with unfriendly bread.”

Lord: “Jack Antonoff is my husband of songwriting” | Music

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