Mark Hoppus is fighting the aggressive form of malignant lymphoma.

Blink-182 star revealed last month that he was receiving chemotherapy for cancer, including the fact that his blood was “trying to kill” him and that he was diagnosed with a stage 4 illness. Sharing details about his illness.

In a Twitch Q & A with Chilean fans, he said:[I have] Diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.

“My classification is Stage IV-A. That is, as I understand it, it falls into four parts of my body. How they accurately determine the four parts of it. I don’t know, but it’s in enough parts of my body, so I’m in Stage IV.

“So I’m Stage IV-A … Cancer isn’t related to bone, it’s related to blood. My blood is trying to kill me.”

The “What’s My Age Again” rocker was receiving intensive chemotherapy and was found to have severe side effects.

He states: “At the first chemotherapy, I felt like a shocked zombie falling on an electric fence.

“The second round of chemotherapy, I felt very weak and tired. Really like the worst flu ever. In the third round of chemotherapy, I started to get nausea. Nausea and all that. “

Mark’s mother has been fighting the “correct form” of cancer he was diagnosed with, so she has proven to be a great source of help and support.

He states: “Strangely, we have the exact form of cancer.

“And she beat it, so I was able to talk to her and make a pretty bond with her.”

Locker, 49, lost his hair as a result of treatment, but he managed to see something interesting.

He states: “It’s definitely not my hair because I absolutely want to get the worst torpy. Just walk around and see how people look at me.”

Mark Hoppus suffers from stage 4 lymphoma | Entertainment News

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