Megan Fox has signed up for “Midnight in the Switchgrass” to “meet” Machine Gun Kelly.

The 35-year-old actress found love on a movie set with a rapper (real name Corson Baker), and she was crazy about the movie because “Space” told her it was “rewarding”. Insisted that he felt that he was in some way for her.

She states: “It was definitely a vehicle for me to meet Corson. To be honest.

“I knew he would appear in a movie, but the universe was like” do this. ” This experience is truly rewarding. “

The beauty of a brunette with her divorced husband Brian Austin Green and three sons felt a “soulmate connection” as soon as she met MGK, but she had a bad romance between them. I was convinced.

She told Who What Where magazine: [Colson], This is the soul I traveled with before, this is the soulmate’s connection, and I soon realized that there was a purpose here.

“”[But] I had a logical brain chime and it became like “This doesn’t work for 101 reasons”. “

The “Jennifer’s Body” actress made a list of the pros and cons of dating a 31-year-old rapper, but in the end her mind beat her head.

Megan is guided by instinct when it comes to her career, and the “Till Death” star accepts the role she considers to have a lasting impact on her as a person.

She said: “Sometimes you can just say something [an acting role].. It’s as if this would change me as a person. That’s what I want in my life. It’s about constantly evolving and growing.

“I had never played chess. It was always a game of intuition as to whether something resonated with me.”

Megan Fox played a role in meeting Machine Gun Kelly | Celebrities

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