Martin Kahan died at the age of 74.

The famous music video director who worked with KISS, Bon Jovi and Motley Crue in his career died in New Jersey on Sunday (18.07.21) after the fight against cancer.

Billboard shared a statement from Martin’s longtime friend Arthur Levy. Arthur Levy explained how the director is trying to influence the music scene.

The statement states: “For the last few years at Lakewood, Kahan hasn’t stopped the gradual downsizing of country music promotional video output and the theory of how he can get back into the fold.”

Kahan collaborated with Canadian rocker rush early in his career to break through in 1983 when Columbia Records gave him the opportunity to direct a video of the scandal single “Love’s Gut Align On You.”

That same year, after being nominated for the MTV Video Music Award for Ian Hunter’s “All Of The Good Ones Are Taken,” he starred in Helm Video with Bon Jovi (“In And Out Of Love” and “She Don’t Know Me”). .. ) And the first clip featuring KISS without make-up (“Lick It Up” and “All Hell’s Breakin” Loose “).

Kahan has been added to the catalog in collaboration with country artists Emmylou Harris, Hank Williams Jr. and Alan Jackson.

His last work was a clip of the 2000 Kenny Chesney song “I Lost It”.

Kahan was praised for his efforts in the 1983 song “Lick It Up”. This showed KISS’s different approach.

The band’s creative consultant, Danny Goldberg, recalls in the group’s biography: “I remember sitting with business managers Howard Marks, Gene (Simons) and Paul (Stanley) and saying,” Everyone has to do something dramatic. “

“That was the absolutely right way to launch it … (Kahan) did a really good job. The video really revived the band.”

Music Video Director Martin Kahan dies at age 74 | Entertainment News

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