Music Video Director Ofentse Mwase Exclusively Reveals How Much Ambitiouz Entertainment Paid For The ‘Ameni’ Music Video Shoot. Award winning music video director Ofentse Mwase has been a significant part of the SA Hip Hop industry, shooting music videos for some of the country’s top rappers. He has gotten his hands dirty shooting some of the best music videos in the country, and is revealing some interesting information about one of his shoots.

Ofentse and his wife Nellisiwe Mwase were MacG’s latest guests on the Podcast And Chill Series. The two spoke about how they met in their younger days, amongst other things they shared some intriguing information about what their experiences shooting music videos.

MacG asked them what their biggest cheque for a music video shoot was, and the couple revealed that it was years ago from popular record label Ambitiouz Entertainment for the music video shoot for Miss Pru’s Ameni featuring Emtee, Fifi Cooper, B3nchMarQ, A-Reece, Saudi and Sjava.

They revealed that Ambitiouz Entertainment paid them approximately R300k for the video shoot and when MacG was shocked at the number they said it’s not a lot of money because they have seen with much bigger budgets before but often deal with budgets that are significantly smaller.

It’s not a lot guys. Kwesta has shot a video for one point something million” Ofentse said.

They continued to commend Ambitiouz Entertainment paying significant amounts of money for their artists. “They definitely pumped money into their stuff and it worked because you know, people know them and they became huge” Ofentse added.

MacG also asked Ofentse who the most difficult rapper to work with in the industry was, and he revealed it was L-Tido. He said that the rapper’s problem was budgeting because he didn’t necessarily understand that big music videos needs bigger budgets. He specifically mentioned L-Tido’s No Favours video featuring AKA.

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